strong conjunction
1 used to join two words, parts of sentences, etc: Do you want a pen and a bit of paper? | The film starred Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine. | We've dealt with items one, two, and eleven. | We'll have to reduce costs and borrow more money. | You need to know what rights you have and how to use them.
2 then; afterwards: Have your lunch and get a bath. | She picked up the kitten and put it in the box. | He knocked on the door and went in. | wait and see: You'll have to wait and see what happens.
3 used to say that something is caused by something else: I missed supper and I'm starving! | She took some medicine and was sick.
4 used when adding numbers: Six and four is ten.
5 come and .../go and .../try and ... etc especially BrE used instead of `to': Shall we go and have a cup of coffee? | I'll see if I can try and persuade her to come.
6 spoken used to introduce a statement, comment, question etc: And now I'd like to introduce our next speaker, Mrs Thompson. | "We're trying to sort out our next holiday." "And where's the favourite place?" "Oh, America."
7 used between repeated words to emphasize what you are saying: More and more people are losing their jobs. | We waited for hours and hours! | That was years and years ago. | We ran and ran.
8 nice and .../good and ... used to emphasize how nice or good something is: I like my tea nice and hot.
9 a hundred and four/three thousand, five hundred and seventy six etc used after the word `hundred' and before the numbers 1 to 99 when saying numbers
10 three and three quarters, nineteen and a half etc used after the whole number and before the fraction (2) when saying numbers: in about two and a half month's time | five and a quarter percent
11 used in descriptions of food and drink to mean served with: Do you want some fish and chips? | I'll have a gin and tonic. | bread and butter (=bread with butter spread on it)
12 there are experts and experts/computers and computers etc used to say that some are much better than others
13 and? spoken used when you want someone to add something to what they have just said: "I'm sorry." "And?" "And I promise it won't happen again."

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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